Dinner with Hosea: A Lesson in Humility and Thanksgiving


By: Nykia Abbott, PR Intern

I knew that homelessness and hunger existed. I’ve been in Atlanta my whole life. I’ve walked downtown and been heckled by panhandlers. I’ve seen drunk people beg for money. I’ve been on MARTA to see the pathetic song and dance for a tip. To me, that was the face of Atlanta’s homeless. How ignorant? Thanksgiving 2012 is the day I was educated and forever humbled.

I was at the Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless Thanksgiving event by default, as the Mr. and Mrs. Omilami are clients of F2 Communications Group.  I’d always wanted to volunteer, but never put forth an honest effort. This year opportunity knocked. The event was held at the Georgia International World Congress Center. The space was filled with stations offering barber and beauty services, medical checkups, flu shots, hair washing, showers, clothing, job readiness training, telephone calls, chiropractic and massage…

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Thought I would share some of the affirmations I’ve experienced and live by… 

Enjoy each day because those times come to an end. Respect your mom because believe it or not she knows whats best. Study hard and make solid decisions. Don’t worry about the popular kid, I PROMISE it won’t matter later in life. Be yourself, don’t suppress YOU to fit in with everybody else. Its perfectly OK to be the odd kid. Learn to network. Build relationships. Make friends. Make memories. Don’t feel pressured to have sex. It’s the cool thing to ‘keep your number low.’ Thinking for yourself starts early. Dream big, it really is possible. Circumstances change, be flexible. Don’t hold grudges. Be patient, good things take time. Everything happens for a reason. Live in the moment. Make friends of both sexes. Nothing is holding you back. You’re still young and this is the point in life where you find out who you are, what you’re capable of, what you need, want, and expect out of people and life. Its OK to follow your heart, just prepare for whatever follows. Don’t focus too much on future tragic events, live for now. Capture memories, the future is going to be totally different. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!! Your happiness is your own responsibility. Do what makes you happy in every situation. You can’t please everybody. Nothing and no one is perfect. Make time for the people who matter. Listen. Travel, see the world while its free. Physical fitness is important. Try new things. Get experience. Be poised. Reflect. Be grateful. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted. Be humble. Material things don’t last long. Be the best you can be. You don’t always have to react. The last word is not important. There is no need to always ‘one up’ some one else’s experience. Positivity will get you a long way! Discernment. Let your work speak for itself. What is for you in this world is for YOU… like, its already yours you just gotta work for it and pray for it. Help others. Change is good. Change is necessary. Don’t quit! You’re grown now, you can respectfully have an opinion with authority in professional and personal settings. Life will give you a curve ball in a minute, but if you pay attention, you have all the resources you need to pull through. Motivate others. Smile often. Take pride in all that makes you different. My sisters are not my enemy. We are not in competition.



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Hey y’all,

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I think my first post should tell you a little bit about me, soooooo…. here goes:

1. I’m currently 27 years old

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6. I LOVE to write. Creative writing is my favorite. My imagination is the shit!

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